our mission

If you’re reading this, you’ve found our website, probably read our “about” page, and might have some questions in your head like, “who are these folks and what are they up to?”

Our obvious goal is to run a business to support our extra large family. But more than that, our desire is to work together as a family doing things we love. I have always had horses, growing up around them and riding them nearly everyday as a kid. In the summer, we’d camp and fish, in the fall we’d pack in and hunt bucks in the high country. This lifestyle was fairly common in this area and most people always would say, “I wish we had more time to be in the mountains.” We’ve decided we don’t have much time to not be in the mountains.

We’d like to help other people get to the places we are amazed to see every time we go. We leave our reputation for our clients to decide, although we think the quality is well above average for sure. We will guarantee honesty, reliability, and a real good time.

One of the best benefits of face to face service is the friendships created between long lasting repeat customers that feel like they got a good deal and got to know good folks. So if you need your own string shod, we can do that. If you need your old pack saddle patched up and some panniers built give us a call. If you know nothing about riding and have always wanted to, were happy to help. If you finally drew that elusive elk tag after eighteen years or if you drew it the first time you put in, we have the knowledge and the ability to get you to the bull of a lifetime.

Eventually we hope to have an online store with equine products, tack, leather goods, camping gear etc. In the meantime, feel free to comment or message suggestions, testimonials (if you have used our services), so that we might be better equipped to offer better service as we grow. We look forward to meeting you.

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